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HitSparks / Genazea is an independent video game development studio composed of industry professionals who are lifelong, passionate gamers with deep creative ambitions. Our dev leads command a rich history of game industry experience, having worked at companies such as Atari Games, Midway, BPS, EA, Capcom, and many others over the last 25+ years.
Strike Blazinger Marquee

Our current project is "STRIKE BLAZINGER" , a high-speed rail-shooter that evokes the aesthetics and play styles of some of the great sci-fi games of the 8 and 16-bit era. Slick and futuristic - in the vein of "Space Harrier", "Starfox", "Night Striker", and "Phantasy Star". While we have a strong passion for the genre, we aim to evolve it into something new and unique. By combining fun and classic game mechanics with modern technologies and building a compelling game universe, we believe it will fulfill an important place in the hearts of gamers old and new! Our pre-release demo setups appear at shows such as Game On Expo, Portland Retro Gaming Expo, and the Galloping Ghost Arcade! Though development had been put on hold until recently - we're back on pace on a new engine and renderer! PC, Console, and Arcade versions are planned for release beginning in 2024!