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We're Back!

First of all, a very sincere apology for the lack of news or updates on development. In 2019, an odd thing happened with our former webhost - which made us unable to edit any of our webpages EVER AGAIN. A complete migration and rebuild from scratch on another provider was necessary - which may be apparent from what you see here now. At around the same time, things in the world became incredibly difficult and like many of you - we had to do our best to survive and get back on our feet. And eventually, we did… But as you could imagine, many compounding factors led to delays in development. Through it all - we had utmost confidence we would continue and complete this no matter how long it took!

This truly is a project of passion by all involved, and we wanted to make sure that it was done right. When the project started we were on a much older version of Unity, and we had to decide whether we should roll with what we had and ship as quickly as possible - or to put forth a massive effort to update to a significantly newer engine and renderer and risk breaking ALL THE THINGS. The decision was made, and we put the work in! It wasn’t easy - stuff broke and things looked grim for awhile but we came out of it intact - or at least we hope! We’re now up to date with much better performance and the ability to publish to many more platforms. Since we were so adamant about not taking money for the game yet - we had the agency to make that choice and it appears to have been the correct one. As an unexpected bonus, gaming technology in general has improved during that time, which will make for a much better experience that’s better aligned with our vision for high-speed retro-future blasting action like you’ve never seen before!

[The new renderer is PRETTY LIT, amirite? :3 We did have to tone it down a little, but I thought I’d share this very first “good” screenshot taken after we brought our game back from the depths of migrated broken-ness!]

Our new builds look AMAZING, and we can’t wait to deliver an even better game than we thought would be possible! There’s still a LOT of work to be done - but we’re going to make an honest attempt to have it shipped in 2024. Even though content progress hasn’t moved much yet due to the engine migration - we’ve begun our event appearances again and have some new features to show - like our neon-esque tutorial mode, and a “hard mode” difficulty that lets you play more levels in the demo if you survive! Thank you to everyone for your patience, and once again - sorry for the delays. The best is yet to come, and hopefully it’ll be coming at you FAST! BE READY! :)

  • The Strike Blazinger Team