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Valiya is a one-of-a-kind 2nd generation hypersonic soldier, immune to the Hedronik contamination and naturally resonant with Aerspark energy to an unprecedented degree. Miraculously born-off world on a space expedition, she lost her parents soon after their return to Aerumia, and has trained all her short life for high-speed aerial combat . Valiya represents and embodies the hope of humanity with her resilience, extreme curiosity, and sense of adventure. Valiya's preferred Harbingear, specially designated "Blazinger", emphasizes speed and versatility - capable of firing spread shots as well as long range streams, in addition to delivering devastating sword attacks. Lower defense, excellent energy efficiency.


Rojer is Valiya's guardian, a veteran combatant turned politician, respected and supported by the people in recognition of his sacrifice and duty in defending settlements from Hedronik attack and to a lesser degree - the first attempts to reclaim the planet some years after. Resourceful and dependable, he takes to the skies again on a mission of redemption - one final battle to vindicate his past. Rojer utilizes slower heavier Harbingear designs that emphasize hardware power: seeker missiles, lock-on technology, impact deflection shielding, and wide range targeting. Higher defense, less energy efficient.

What challenges will these warriors face, as they strike forth into the unknown?


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